“Our challenge is not only to make sure that the most promising technologies are developed through our research and development but also to validate and demonstrate them to bring them to market.”
– Kelly Speakes-Backman, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary
DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

The I-WEST initiative is targeting a strategy to achieve an equitable transition to carbon neutrality in the Intermountain West by 2035. Part of this strategy is to engage with regional stakeholders—ranging from technology developers and deployers to Sovereign Nations to state-level leaders and economic developers—to assess and better understand the current energy landscape.   

There are several ways for regional stakeholders to get involved. I-WEST hosts state-based workshops to engage broadly with communities on issues related to energy transition; technology-focused workshops geared toward project developers working on clean-energy initiatives; cross-cutting workshops that focus on economics, policy, and water issues related to decarbonization; and finally, a seminar series that features experts on a wide range of energy topics. Materials from past events are available in timeline below.

Upcoming Events

Schedule an I-WEST Listening Session

I-WEST wants you to join the conversation on energy transition in the Intermountain West. We’re interested in hearing perspectives from regional tribes, local community leaders, special interest groups, educators, students, policy makers, project leaders, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders. Schedule a listening session with us today!

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Past Events
March 21 DOE Request for Information
DOE Request for Information: Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs Implementation Strategy
September 24 Workshop
New Mexico Tech I-WEST Workshop
September 17 Workshop
Colorado School of Mines I-WEST Workshop
September 14 Workshop
University of Utah I-WEST Workshop
September 7 Workshop
University of Wyoming I-WEST Workshop
August 30 Workshop
Montana State University I-WEST Workshop
July 19 I-WEST Kickoff
I-WEST Kickoff

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