I-WEST Seminar: Projecting Regional Climate Change and its Impacts in the Western U.S.

Picture of Dr. L. Ruby Leung

Dr. L. Ruby Leung

Chief Scientist of the U.S. Department of Energy’s
Energy Exascale Earth System Model

Seminar Information:

Date: February 3, 2022

Time: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm MT

Location: Held via Webex. A no-cost registration is required to attend.

This event is in the past. You can view a recording here.

The I-WEST seminar series hosts thought leaders on a spectrum of topics tied to transitioning the Intermountain West to carbon neutrality, including technologies, policy, workforce, and environmental justice. 

Seminar Summary

The impacts of climate change are felt most strongly through changes in extreme events that cause damages to infrastructure and built environments and challenge the management of natural resources. Dr. Leung will discuss ongoing efforts to advance earth system modeling capabilities to support actionable science and highlight some insights on regional climate change in the western U.S. relevant to mitigation and adaptation planning. 

Speaker Summary

Dr. Leung is the Chief Scientist of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM), a major effort involving over 100 scientists and applied mathematicians to develop state-of-the-art capabilities for modeling human-Earth system processes on next-generation high performance computers. Her research cuts across multiple areas in modeling and analysis of climate and water cycle. 

  • Battelle Fellow, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Member of the National Academy of Engineering and Washington State Academy of Sciences
  • Fellow of the American Meteorological Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science, and American Geophysical Union
  • Recipient of the AGU Global Environmental Change Bert Bolin Award and Lecture in 2019, the AGU Atmospheric Science Jacob Bjerknes Lecture in 2020, and the AMS Hydrologic Sciences Medal in 2022
  • BS in Physics and Statistics from Chinese University of Hong Kong and an MS and PhD in Atmospheric Sciences from Texas A&M University 

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