I-WEST Seminar: Synthetic Biology Meets Energy Transition: Reimagining the Heavy Industries for the Net-Zero Economy

Picture of Moji Karimi

Moji Karimi

Cemvita Factory, Inc.
Co-Founder and CEO

Seminar Information:

Date: March 22, 2022

Time: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm MT

Location: Held via Webex. A no-cost registration is required to attend.

Register here or contact [email protected] for assistance. 

The I-WEST seminar series hosts thought leaders on a spectrum of topics tied to transitioning the Intermountain West to carbon neutrality, including technologies, policy, workforce, and environmental justice. 

Seminar Summary

In this presentation, Moji Karimi will present an overview of Cemvita Factory, Inc.’s three energy transition verticals: carbon-negative biomanufacturing, biomining, and subsurface biomanufacturing. These nature-inspired microbial solutions are relevant for the oil and gas and mining industries.  

Speaker Summary

Moji Karimi is a multidisciplinary entrepreneur and engineer fluent in ideating, developing, and commercializing breakthrough technology. With a proven track record of taking ideas to market, both at big companies and startups, his experiences range from developing advanced deepwater drilling methods to novel biotechnologies with applications in the energy and space industries. In 2017, the fruits of this experience became Cemvita Factory, Inc., a company that Moji started with his sister Dr. Tara Karimi. In his role as Co-Founder and CEO of Cemvita Factory, Inc., Moji serves a team of passionate scientists and engineers on a mission to reimagine the heavy industries for a net-zero economy. This is done by genetic engineering of microbes that enable carbon-negative solutions across oil and gas, chemical, and mining industries. Moji holds BS and MS degrees in drilling and petroleum engineering, respectively. 

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