Phase One Final Report

Report Summary

This summary presents our findings to a broad range of stakeholders with shared interest in planning for energy transition. It is a distillation of the extensive research and analyses conducted by the I-WEST team on the scientific underpinnings of regionally relevant technology pathways examined in Phase One, as well as the economic, workforce, policy and energy justice factors that were considered. The accessible nature of this report aligns with our place-based approach and is intended to provide readers with a high-level overview of our outcomes. Unabridged versions of the chapters in this summary are provided in the report below for a more in-depth look at our Phase One outcomes.

Detailed Report

In Phase One, the I-WEST team laid the foundation for a regional roadmap that models various energy transition scenarios, including the intersections between technologies, climate, energy policy, economics, and energy, environmental, and social justice. This detailed report presents research led by an I-WEST partner on one or more of these focus areas.

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