I-WEST Seminar: Why should I trust you?: The why, what, and how of carbon sequestration certification

Picture of Stephanie Arcusa

Stephanie Arcusa

Arizona State University

Seminar Information:

Date: June 21, 2023

Time: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm MT

Location: Held via Webex. A no-cost registration is required to attend.

Register here or contact [email protected] for assistance. 

The I-WEST seminar series hosts thought leaders on a spectrum of topics tied to transitioning the Intermountain West to carbon neutrality, including technologies, policy, workforce, and environmental justice. 

Seminar Summary

Energy transition in the Intermountain West is expected to involve carbon capture, storage, and utilization (CCUS) at substantial levels. This seminar focuses on the “storage” part of the equation, particularly certification as a tool to help ensure the effectiveness and reliability of all carbon sequestration (storage) efforts. It will highlight the status of certification science and implementation; tradeoffs between science, policy, and business practices; and lessons learned from real-life experiences that are helping to inform certification development. Additionally, this seminar will present examples of certification relevant to the Intermountain West region, as well as an outlook on certification in the future. Read ahead about I-WEST studies on this topic in the “Certification for Decarbonization Technologies” chapter of the I-WEST phase one report.

Speaker Summary

Dr. Stephanie Arcusa is a postdoctoral researcher at Arizona State University in the Center for Negative Carbon Emissions in Tempe, Arizona. She trained as a climate and earth scientist to measure change in natural complex systems. Her current work focuses on climate transitions and the design of certification for carbon sequestration as a tool to stabilize climate change.

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