Schedule an I-WEST Listening Session

I-WEST wants you to join the conversation on energy transition in the Intermountain West. We’re interested in hearing perspectives from regional tribes, local community leaders, special interest groups, educators, students, policy makers, project leaders, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders. Schedule a listening session with us today!

Here are some ideas for possible discussion topics:

  • Tell us about your decarbonization project and any partnerships you have/desire with regional tribes, colleges, universities, or small businesses.

  • Share concerns for how your community might be affected by energy transition, including impacts on workforce, local economies, and environment.

  • Discuss (in layman’s terms) various technologies for decarbonization, such as clean hydrogen or carbon capture and storage, that are relevant to your region.

  • Tell us about energy-related policies that support or hinder energy transition in your community.

  • Share your thoughts on energy justice and how we can help ensure an equitable energy transition for your community and others in the region.

Please send an email to [email protected] to schedule your listening session. We look forward to hearing from you.

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